Warehousing & Distribution Services

Warehousing can be broken down into three basic services; Receiving goods, Warehousing or Storing of goods and finally the Shipping of goods. Future Transfer Co Inc can provide the very basic of warehouse services or provide you with a tailored approach to warehousing to fully integrate our services with your supply chain requirements to make your supply chain the market leader.

About Warehousing & Distribution Services

Basic Services

  • Receive
    • Receive & unload product at warehouse door
    • Inspection of goods to ensure zero damage
    • Verification of inbound quantities and scan product into our barcoded WMS.
    • Inbound report receipt to you
  • Store
    • Place goods in general warehouse as required.
  • Ship
    • Upon notification prepare goods for shipment
    • Pick and stage for shipment
    • Load goods upon transport
    • Print bill of lading and packing list
    • Notify our customer of shipment & basic detail

Variable Services

  • Receive
    • Partial pallet receipts or customer approved returns.
    • Confirmation of product quantities and recording of Lot numbers.
    • Confirmation of Packaging information
    • Re-Labeling upon receipt as directed
  • Store
    • Dedicated warehouse space
    • Variable warehouse space to meet seasonal demands.
    • Non-Chemical Warehousing
    • Feed or Food grade storage
  • Ship
    • Partial pallet shipments
    • Combined pallet or pick and pack services
    • Lot recording
    • Lot control / dictated by warehousing customer.
    • Specialized shipping labels
    • Specialized shipment reports

Expanded Services

  • Inventory reporting and management – With our barcoded WMS we currently provide better than 99% inventory accuracy, perfection is our goal and will continue to strive for that last 1%.
    • Monthly reporting can be tailored to meet your corporate requirements,
    • Inventory counts can be tailored to meet your requirements whether they be annual, bi-annual, monthly, or cycle counts all are available
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Customizable reporting
  • Operation of customer ERP & inventory systems
  • EDI/API Capability
  • Temperature controlled storage space
  • High density racking systems
  • Dedicated customer service & warehouse personnel
  • Cross Dock services

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