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Future Transfer Co Inc.

“Nothing is better than being part of delivering excellence”

Chan Perera, President

Our story, like many business stories, could be told through a chronological ordering of bullet points signifying big moments. We certainly have our fair share of them…day one of Fort Storage back in 1975, or just five years later, on the other side of the country, Mike Perovich buying Future Farms and transforming a typically normal Ag supply company into an essential Ag logistics hub. But our story goes beyond the factual timeline pinpoints of emphasizing, “what we did”….to something far more meaningful to you; “why we did it”, and how those triumphs aggregated over time to build the cultural DNA that drives todays most sophisticated “industry- to-market onramp” imaginable. Future Transfer Co. Inc.

The context is found in this simple question…why? Why did Mike transform Future Farms? Why did Mike and John Lansink create BlueStar Distribution in 2011? Why did Chan Perera join BlueStar in 2012? Simple. Because within gifted entrepreneurs resides a unique ability to confront a situation, and immediately know, “There’s a better way to do this”, and then doing it in a better way.

This obsession marks achievement after achievement…after achievement. The secret sauce? See it. Say it. Do it. In today’s business language; Vision, Articulation, Action. In the context of historical meaning…it’s our cultural beacon. A straight-forward relevance that is the core truism of success.

This infectious driver attracts high quality, like-minded contributors, both internally and through supply and customer partners. A magnet for collaboration and ingenuity, from everyone, builds out the extraordinary strength of Future Transfer.

“Do Things Better” brought us back from a five year detour of corporate ownership by Univar Agriculture, to the original management team who wake up every morning believing this; There’s a better way, there’s a safer way, there’s a more efficient way, there’s a faster way, there’s a smarter way, there’s a more valuable way, there’s a more appreciative way, there’s a more straightforward way, a more honest way, a more meaningful way. This… this is the thinking that placed every bullet along our historical timeline. It causes innovation and creates extraordinary value. It’s built into every decision we make, every interaction we have, every ground breaking improvement we plant … It is the exhilaration of genuine leadership captured and converted into, not just customer accomplishment, but customer astonishment.

This exceptionalism is always manifested through people first. And our story simply couldn’t be written in the absence of recognizing the forward facing…well faces, that have continuously converted philosophy into reality over the years, and during crucial junctures. Chan Perera stands tall and strong delivering success after success throughout our entire business operation. A living example of conquering foreboding challenges, Chan sees everything through the lens of opportunity, then finds the benefit tower for everyone. As an executive, Chan is “infectious positivity”, and as a father his work ethics and integrity characteristics are generationally infused in our business through Charlie Perera, his son. Charlie learned our business by rolling up his sleeves, incessantly asking questions and then kept doing things right, until he got them really right. From a customer viewpoint, Charlie is an answer in search of a problem.

Long histories like ours, show endurance, experience and triumphs that translate into engrained lessons worth remembering. Every bullet point is a learning point pridefully shared by every employee who walked aside us then, and every employee who pushes the envelope of excellence alongside us now.

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