Manufacturing & Packaging Services

Whether it’s a custom formulation or packaging our team can support your needs. Our abilities include formulation, packaging (100ML-Bulk), Co-Packing and everything in between. Our advantage is our flexibility, our lines are built for fast changeovers and the ability to handle a wide range of products and packaging sizes. Products we service include but are not limited to both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals (solids and liquids), pesticides (solids and liquids), and a variety of consumer products such as lawn and garden, deicing and pet care products.

About Manufacturing & Packaging Services

Produce it

  • Over 25 mixing vessels with the capability to blend anywhere from 1500KG to 72,000KG of solid and liquid batches.
    • Stainless steel, carbon steel, rubber lined or anything in-between. 
    • Various mixing technologies including:
      • Inline powder dispersion
      • High sheer
      • Pulsair
    • Heating and cooling of vessels
    • Nitrogen blanketing 
    • Inline Density and pH measurement
    • Weight based blending (on loadcells)
    • Granular coating and impregnation

Pass it

  • Three laboratories located across the country are capable of:
    • Viscosity testing
    • Density testing
    • PH testing
    • Turbidity testing
    • Sieve testing
    • Moisture Analysis
    • Gas chromatography analysis (GC)
    • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
    • ICP-GC analysis 

Pack it

  • Over 20 packaging lines
    • Packaging of liquids & solids
    • Liquids: 100ml – bulk
    • Solids: 5kg – 1200Kg 
  • Inline capping
  • Inline labeling
  • Inline check weighing 
  • Robotic case packing
  • Robotic palletizing 
  • Vison based quality systems 
  • Custom filling and labeling applications

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